About ZDF Solutions

Anything you need shipped, we do it.
And we do it well.

Our versatile fleet is run by expert, well- trained drivers who are skilled in taking the best route for your freight. Our transportation logistics portfolio is flexible, efficient, and dynamically in tune with your operation. Our Dedicated Transportation Solutions, give you a right-sized fleet with specialized equipment, drivers recruited and trained for your business, and innovative technology that provides all the benefits of a private fleet without the hassles of managing one. Our Transportation Management services offer the insight, management expertise, purchasing power, and standard operating practices it takes to improve visibility, make better use of assets, reduce costs, and improve customer service.

Customer Testimonials

You don't have to take our word for it.

Our Mission & Vision

We specialize in reefer dryage, 40 ft reefer drayage, reefer equipment specialized, asset based trucking, cheap rates, 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

ZDF Solutions is trusted for its efficiency and versatility by businesses of varying sizes. We can move any amount of anything across the US within the timeframe you like. With ZDF Solutions, you can stop worrying about your logistics and focus on the stuff that matters.

Our Vision

The refrigerated cargo industry around the world is tackling challenges on multiple fronts as contracting season gets well underway and we are here to tackle those problem to provide the service with excellent solutions and the peace of mind.